Good advice!

The choice of a domain name is very important, especially if you are starting up a new business and want the domain name to be the same as the company name. If you are really lucky, the name will be available, but with millions of webpages on the Internet it is a big risk your name has been taken by someone else. Another problem could be that whatever you are looking for it's just unavailable and you get frustated, so what can you do? Well, that's why DomainPuzzler exists. What we offer you is the best domain name generator you can use to find the most suitable name quickly and easily. The generator automatically combines all words and gives you many suggestions free of charge.

Where I can buy domains?

Since there are many resellers of domain names, we recommend you to use DomainPuzzler to find several possible domain names and check them out. When you are satisfied then choose the one you like and click the shopping cart icon. You will then be able to see where to buy it. The other choice you have is to put your possible names in a favorite list and email it to your mailbox. You can do this by clicking the Plus sign Icon on the list. If you need to know more about what we say about the resellers then click here to find out.

What should I think of before buying a domain name?

The price is certainly important, but we recommed you to register your domain name were you are going to have your website. This will make it lot more easy for you to keep track on passwords etc. 

Domains for businesses and organizations

  • The shorter the domain name, the better. It is easier for your customers to remember the name if it is short.  
  • The name should be easy, understandable and not cryptic.
  • It is recommended that the name is associated with the company name, brand or industry.
  • You should avoid national characters (other than a-z). The reason is that sometimes it may seem strange in different contexts and is not compatible with all browsers and email programs.
  • We recommend "com, net or org" or country related domain names
  • If you are going to invent your new brand then use DomainPuzzler to make it possible

How long will I own the domain name I buy?

You can buy a domain for one or several years if you like to. But you need to keep in mind to renew your domain names before it expires otherwise someone else can take it from you and / or your website will stop working.